BIGSOFTI ONE + Universal Clip

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BIGSOFTI ONE is an ultra lightweight, portable LED soft-light for better photos & videos on your phones, tablets, laptops, cameras & more. It delivers perfect soft, bright light. Ideal for beginners & experts alike. With the rotating barrel mount design (patent pending), you can control the angle of light by up to 45 degrees and quickly switch between accessory options.

Use BIGSOFTI ONE on your mobile, tablet and laptop with the UNIVERSAL CLIP (included) and maximise the versatility across all your devices with the CAMERA SHOE with 1/4”-20 thread, and SURFACE ADHESIVE MOUNT (each sold separately).


  1. Limited 1-year Warranty
  3. Universal Clip Accessory (for phones, tablets & laptops)
  4. 400mm | 15.75” premium silicon USB-C cable




  • 5 Brightness Settings
  • 3 Colour Settings: Cool Daylight, Warm Tungsten, Clean White
  • Slim fit styling - slips in your pocket
  • Touch sensor buttons
  • Rechargeable: Up to 10h run time (approx 1.3h at 100% brightness)
  • Battery indicator panel
  • Included: 400mm | 15.75” premium silicon USB-C cable
  • Included: Universal Clip



  • Custom soft-light diffusion panel
  • 70 bi-colour 2-in-1 LEDs
  • up to 1200 LUX @ .3m (can be dimmed 10%-100%)
  • Photography grade LEDs - CRI 95+ and TLCI 99+
  • USB Type C port
  • 1500mAh li-poly battery

Custom 2-in-1 LED Technology

Most other bi-colour LED panels on the market have half the LEDs in the cooler balance and half in the warmer balance - meaning that if they have 60 LEDs in total, you get 30 cool, 30 warm and 60 mixed. The custom 2-in-1 LEDs in BIGSOFTI produce light from all 70 LEDs all the time, to deliver 70 LEDs in COOL DAYLIGHT and 70 LEDs in WARM TUNGSTEN.  CLEAN WHITE then utilises a mixed output from both. While we do not claim it to be a 140 LED unit, when you use BIGSOFTI, you'll see every LED in the panel working all the time giving a full, soft coverage of the panel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
James Knapp
Clip doesn’t fit monitor

The light is good but it won’t attach to the monitor with the clip that is not wide enough

Katie Bacon
Great portable lighting solution!

This is a great portable light that is super easy to use and has both soft golden and bluish LED modes with various brightness levels. I am excited to use this for both makeup and art projects as it’s compact and easy to bring with me to any location. I love that it clips to your phone as well and is super versatile!

Audrey Caputo
Big Softi

I love this light. So versatile and portable. The only issue is, its a bit difficult to put it on the phone with the case on. I don't like to take my phone in and out of the case if I don't have to, but it is a bit harder to put on when the case is on my phone. Other than that, its exactly what I was looking for!!

Tsekani Jemmott
Al was great customer service

5 stars goes to Al for his perfect customer service; he was very communicative, and always kept me update on my shipment being delivered. The package arrived late but that was due to carrier issues. I love the product from the rest samples I was able to do

Big Softi For Instagram Pics

Hi...I picked up this light on the recommendation of Editorial Make Up Artist, Katie Jane Hughes. She was RIGHT!!! it is amazing to have this to just quickly clip to your phone if you are travelling and want to record content, or take pictures with better lighting in different area inside and outside.

I ordered from Canada and received my light within 10 business days.

The people who work with you when you purchase are incredible. The experience was the quintessential excellent customer service. I highly recommend this product and this company.